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About Us

Welcome to Cactus Warehouse!

Our story began in 2016 when our founder, Tim, stumbled upon a hidden cactus on his property—a remarkable discovery considering he had lived there for nearly three decades without noticing it. This serendipitous find quickly blossomed into what can only be described as an obsession. Over the next eight years, Tim's passion cultivated a sprawling 5-acre nursery that now nurtures thousands of cacti. He was captivated by the beauty of these resilient plants and their ability to thrive in arid conditions with minimal water.

Inspired by Tim’s vision, in early 2024, he proposed the idea of running the nursery to his daughter, Lisa, and son-in-law, Takashi. To his delight—and perhaps their own surprise—they agreed. Embracing a significant life change, Lisa and Takashi left their full-time jobs to dedicate themselves entirely to the world of cacti.

Today, Cactus Warehouse is much more than a business; it's a family legacy. We are passionately committed to advancing the sustainable gardening practices pioneered by Tim. We aim to share not only the unique beauty and resilience of cacti but also their role in eco-friendly landscaping solutions.

As we continue to grow, our mission remains steadfast:
to provide customers with exceptional cacti and service.

Our Collection:

Imagine your space transformed by the towering grandeur of the Argentine Saguaro or the mesmerizing hues of the Blue Torch Cactus. Our curated selection is as diverse as nature itself, catering to both the eclectic collector and the budding enthusiast. We complement our plants with comprehensive care guides and premium gardening essentials, ensuring that your journey with us is as flourishing as our cacti.

Become a Prickly Pal:

Join our circle at Cactus Warehouse, where our cacti are spiky, but our hearts are warm. Connect with fellow plant lovers, celebrate the unique beauty of cacti, and get the inside scoop on the latest spiny specimens. Follow us on Instagram @cactus_warehouse and sign up for our newsletter for tips, treats, and all things cacti. Welcome to our growing family, where every plant starts a new friendship.